Caring Dev

caring (not only) about code

Pathologically obsessed with code quality.
Functional language admirer, Meetup-participant, broken English freshman blogger, DIY injector, fireman, volleyball player, motorcyclist, …

Professionally writing C#, F#, TypeScript, JavaScript (past: Scala, C++, Java, Delphi)
Using Angular, React, ASP.NET Core, WebAPI, xUnit, xBehave, EF, Dapper, WCF, WF, …
Knows some (T-)SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, …
Played with Oberon, Eiffel, (Turbo)Pascal, (V)Basic, OCaml, Coq, Haskell.


12 Sep 2018
OpenAPI Specification and Swagger - compile-time safe .NET WebAPIs
13 Feb 2018
Swashbuckle / NSwag
24 Aug 2017
bbv Gathering
30 Mar 2017
bbv Focus Day
22 Feb 2017
25 Jul 2016
F# Grundlagen
06 May 2016
Intro to DTOs in F#

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